Our code of practice

We aim to provide the highest standard of care and reliability. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact the office.  

You have the right to:

Expect that your dignity as a human being will be respected. Decide what type of services you receive, how they will be provided and the extent of services and the timing. Request a change of care worker if you feel you are not compatible with them, or in your opinion they do not carry out the tasks proficiently. Care Need's will always do their utmost to change a Care Worker when it is requested, but we can no longer guarantee to do so, as it all depends on the availability of alternative staff. In an instance where we cannot offer alternative staff we can either continue to work with you, and your family to resolve the issues that led to the request for an alternative worker, or we would have to refer your package to the Commissioner to be recommissioned to another Service Provider. Request a review of the service provided and change these services if and when the need arises. Full information on all the services that Care Needs provides and the charges involved in providing such services. Privacy and confidentiality.  Personal information held by Care Needs is available on request and will not be discussed with a third party without your express permission. Expect that you will not be subject to discrimination because of colour, creed, disability, age, gender or sexuality. Expect that any member of staff will act in  your best interests at all times, and comply with all the policies and procedures outlined in this brochure. Complain about the service.  Care Needs has a complaints procedure, please contact our office 0161 428 7628 for more information. Alternatively you can email info@careneeds.co.uk

What you can expect from us:

Care Needs has been formed to provide you, the service user with help in your own home. We pledge to: Treat you as an individual and with respect, value your dignity, perform all the duties as set out in your care plan. To provide Social Care Workers who are prompt, reliable, courteous and competent. Confidentiality – service users and their relatives or representatives know that their personal information is handled appropriately and that their personal confidences are respected.

What we expect from you when you receive a service:

Tell us if you will not be at home when you are expecting a visit from us – by phoning your local office. Understand that staff will wear protective clothing (for example gloves) to prevent cross infection. Allow for your phone to be used to log the visit being made to you.  This is of no charge to yourself.  If this is not possible sign the timesheet the staff show you. If you are able to, provide the toiletries you like to use. Provide appropriate equipment and materials to enable the Social Care Worker to undertake the agreed tasks. Understand that we must abide by "Moving and Handling" legislation. Sign a record if we help you deal with your money. Where appropriate allow us to use a medication system in line with our policy. Not to ask staff to perform tasks which are not included in the care plan. Not to offer gifts or gratuities to our staff.


Our Values

We Do Reliability, We Do Understanding, We Do Values, We Do Communication, We Do Friendliness, We Do Care.
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Our Code of Practice

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