Night Care and Live-in Care

Night Cover

As people grow older, they can experience disturbances in their sleep. Pain can cause discomfort and wakefulness, medications can make it difficult to sleep for more than a few hours at a time, and regular bathroom trips can lead to the need to get up and about in the dark. Dim lighting and bleary eyes can lead to trips and falls, which can have a huge impact on health and well being. All of this can cause you stress and loss of sleep, as you worry about your elderly loved one through the night. Overnight carers can be brought in to watch your loved one through the night, or to be on hand in case of a problem.

The Solution

Care Needs can provide either a waking night, sleep-in, or mobile visiting night service to cover your overnight care requirements. Night cover is available between the hours of 22.00 and 08.00. Waking night cover means the trained carer will be awake all night to undertake any care needs that may arise. If you have care requirements at regular intervals during the night, for example you need to change position or go to the toilet every couple of hours, the carer can perform those tasks but during the rest of the time the carer can undertake domestic duties such as laundry, cleaning, etc. as necessary. Alternatively, if your care requirements mean you just need someone to be there just in case you need them then a sleep-in service may be the answer. In those circumstances the carer would need a bed to sleep in and would immediately respond to any requests for assistance. The sleep-in service works well with a telecare service that monitors for example, a person’s movement or continence and sends an alert to the carer when assistance is required. The night service may be provided as part of a larger care package or as a short term measure to assist during a period of acute illness. If you don’t need a Carer to be present all night we can now offer a visiting night service. We have a mobile two Carer team available from 20.00 to 08.00 who can visit as many times as necessary during the night to assist with continence or pressure relief needs.

Live in Care

For many of us, our home holds many precious memories and the thought of ever leaving fills us with dread, especially when we think the only viable alternative is residential care. Care Needs Ltd can offer a live-in care service tailored to meet your needs which means you can remain independent in the familiar surroundings and comfort of your home and still receive the care and support you need. Live-in care enables you to continue with your regular routines whilst providing care tailored to meet your needs but is flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances   Sharing your home with someone can be a very personal matter and it is vital that great care is taken in choosing the right person. We endeavour to match our carers sympathetically with your situation and personality, as well as your care needs. We also ensure that all of our live-in carers are fully briefed on your expectations and personal preferences.

24 Hour Care

Our 24 hour care service is aimed at supporting individuals who either require a high level of support throughout the day and night or who do not wish to have a live-in carer or sleep-in support. We can arrange for a Carer to look after your care needs during the day, and another Carer to be with you throughout the night. Carers will handover at a time suitable to you. Both Carers will be able to support you with any personal care requirements that you may have, as well as assisting with domestic chores.

What We Charge

We charge £14.00 per hour for a sleep-in night and £16.50 per hour for a waking night. Please note that if a sleep-in night Carer is disturbed more than twice during the course of the night, the service will be charged as a waking night service. The mobile night service starts at £30.00 per 30 minute visit. There is a reduced rate if there is more than one visit per night. Live in and 24 hour cover is charged subject to assessment. For more information please ring 0161 428 7628 or contact us using our contact form.


Live-in care

Live-in care enables you to live the life you want, on your terms. By listening and getting to know you, we’ll match you with a carer who will provide care as unique as you, in the home you know and love.
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