Hospital Discharge Service (Home Safe)

Care Needs offer an assisted hospital discharge service called Home Safe. The Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, subject to existing bookings and its aim is to facilitate a safe and stress free discharge from a hospital ward or emergency department. The service is predominately aimed at people who have no family, friends or other support network available to help them return home from hospital but anyone can use the service if they choose to. For some people the prospect of returning home from hospital can be quite daunting, particularly after a long stay, more so if they live alone and are returning to an empty home. Once a discharge time and date have been agreed, the Care Needs Home Safe Scheme can provide a trained carer to accompany the patient home using a fully insured Care Needs vehicle if necessary. If the patient requires ambulance transport, than as long as sufficient notice is given, Care Needs can arrange to have a carer meet the patient at their home. On arriving home the carer will: Check the heating is switched on and working Check the bed is made and changed if necessary Check the fridge for out of date food, etc. and cleaned if necessary Check medication and liaise with the pharmacy if necessary Sort out any washing and put the machine on if required Check the kitchen is clean and tidy Check the toilet is clean and in working order Make sure any post is sorted and dealt with Organise any shopping that is required Arrange for any pets to be picked from kennels, catteries, etc Assist the person to contact friends, neighbours or relatives as necessary Arrange to restart any services, milk, papers, meals on wheels, etc Arrange any on-going services as necessary Check the home is secure Report any concerns to the Care Needs Office or family Make sure the person is comfortable and safe before leaving Please note this service is not currently available as part of a Council funded care package but can be commissioned direct from Care Needs Ltd by the patient or their representative.


We charge £50.00 for the initial visit of up to two hours including transport. Any additional time or subsequent visits are charged at £15.50 per hour or part thereof. 


Home Safe

This service is a complete service, designed to ensure a safe return from Hospital or an A&E visit with ongoing care for as long as necessary.
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